Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4 Weirdos Hike to Twin Lakes

Our last day at the cabin we all hiked up to the lookout above Silver Lake so dad could hide his first geocache. It was fun to hike with the family, but I'd been missing out on all the hikes since I spent most days at work and only came up to the cabin at night. We were already halfway to Twin Lakes so I decided I'd keep going up to the top. I was joined by 3 weirdos and without any responsible adults around the results were just nutty.

We didn't want to recreate the story of Grandpa/Dad's skinny dipping in Twin Lakes, but we did all roll our pants up and wade in. Here we are herding fish... ...we did a pretty good job as you can see
Kris's black socks were so awesome we decided to all hike back with our pants still rolled up
...and it didn't stop there...the hiking home turned into skipping home...and then it spun out of control and there were flowers in our hair and...I think I should stop there

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Kearl said...

I bet you're the coolest aunt.