Sunday, August 2, 2009

Climbing with Bryce and Tori

The entire family came out for the weekend but the first couple days when just Bryce's family was here still we were able to go out for some fun rock climbing. The first afternoon Bryce, Tori, and I all went and climbed a couple routes on The Slips. Liz and Mark came and watched. I'm not sure why it's called The Slips but Liz slipped in the river crossing it the first time and I slipped in it crossing on the way back. I was either climbing or holding the rope for Bryce so I only have pictures of Tori. She makes it look so easy. Liz just sent a couple pictures of me on The Slips! So I added them in here Saturday morning Bryce and I went and climbed Steort's Ridge on the Dead Snag Crag. It was a fun route. Bryce lead it, 3 pitches of trad climbing to a nice airy finish and then 3 rapells. It was Bryce who first let me rapell down a small cliff once at the cabin when I was about 16 or 17, but this was the first time we'd really climbed together. It was great and we're already planning the next time.
Climbing isn't always the most photogenic sport. Sometimes you make funny faces, or your helmet gets pushed back really far making you look bald...but they're the only pictures you have.
Thank goodness for scenic shots like this one. This is the view from the top, or near the top.
Bryce reaching the top. Too bad we only had one camera. This last part looked cool from both directions. A few shots of us at the top.
Pulling the rope between rappelsI'm in there somewhere. This was the last rappel to the bottom.


TheMom said...

I'm thinking that Jake had his picture taken more in the past few months than in most of his lifetime. You need to send his mom an album.

KATIE said...

This was an odd place to leave that comment mom. I'd have expected you to leave it on a post that had at least one picture of Jake on it. Anyways, I burned all his pictures to CDs and gave them to him so he can make his own album for his mom.