Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise Us...

That's what Heathyr told the guy at Sicilia Pizza last night. We went to the Iron and Wine concert that was part of the free Twilight Concert Series downtown and it was a little disappointing. I have been to so many concerts and this one is the last one I'd want to blog about. I'll limit it to these points.
  • If you want a concert experience get there early and stake out a spot in the front otherwise you will never see the performer. (notice in the above picture how no one is even facing the stage!)
  • If you want a Woodstock experience hang out in the very back.
  • If you want a frat party experience hang out to the left or sides of the stage.
  • If you think that Utah has no culture you have not been to one of these concerts. I have no idea where these people are on regular days.
  • My long seated fear of getting beer spilled on me at a concert was finally realized while hanging out to the left of the stage (though it wasn't so much spilled as severely splashed and that might have to do with being with Heathyr as this was not the first time this happened to us together. Last time it was an entire shattering bottle of red wine.)
  • Iron and Wine sounded great...from what I could tell.
  • There's no point in complaining since it was free.
  • It was fun to hang out with Heathyr and Gary.
  • Long arms, a good zoom on your camera, and some cropping might be able to show you what you missed.
This lacking concert experience left us hungry so we stopped at Sicilia Pizza on the way back to the car. (Mostly to wait till the parking attendant left so we wouldn't have to pay on our way out.) I've been there a lot since it's next to the Broadway Theater and it's really hit or miss. If you get a single's going to be a miss. If you go when the owner, who's from Sicily, is there and he makes you a fresh's going to be a hit. We just wanted Pepperoni and he said that was boring and we should make him work harder so Heathyr said to surprise us. Mmmmm....good idea! One of the best pizzas ever! I hate sausage and there was something like it on there but I'm not sure what, along with lots of other goodness. We asked him what he put on it so we could order it again but he just said if we wanted it again he'd remember us and make it again special or the pizza was free. This wasn't the first time I left my choice up to him. Once when it was crowded I told him to just give me any slice, I didn't care. He smiled and picked one out, told me some story about why that recipe was different, asked if I liked it, and didn't charge me anything.
It's sad that the pizza was better than the concert but life's surprising like that sometimes, especially when you ask to be surprised.

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