Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekend in Brighton

My entire family came out last weekend. They were all here for once...and they didn't stay at my house. Not that I don't love it when they stay with me, but it's so nice to stay at the cabin. Once night we all even spent the night, except for Nate's family with is only 3 less people. It was crowded but fun. We decided to take this family picture after church, but as of today, it's already out of date since Emily had her baby this morning. It was taken from the horseshoe post since it was the only think I could wrap my camera tripod around.
Bryce brought out Koob. It's a game we'd played on our river trip last year and I gave him a set for Christmas. Everyone liked it and it kept half of us out of the crowded cabin for hours at at time.
We didn't all fit around the table for meals, but we did the best we could.
Mom/Grandma surprised us by making layered finger Jello for dinner and that entertained the kids for longer than anyone really expected it to. The young ones and the old ones.
Kris was entertained by the jello and the cucumbers...which entertained the rest of us to watch.
We hiked over to Solitude where some/most everyone played some frisbee golf.
With all those people each throwing a disc I don't know how any didn't get lost.
The rest of us were going to get ice cream cones at Solitude but it was closed so we just hiked back to the cabin... but we took the scenic route.
Jerry showed us how to pull the blossoms out of these flowers and bite off the end with the minty nectar inside and we did it the rest of the day whenever we found some.
One of the reasons this is the scenic route...always a nice view of Silver Lake from up here.
At the end of the day some of us went over to find a geocache Andy had placed by a meadow just off Guardsmans Pass. There were a lot of wildflowers along the way and though they were starting to fade it made for some nice pictures.
I couldn't help editing this post to add one last picture I just found in my camera. Some of the family stayed the whole week and I went back and forth between the cabin at night and working during the day. I took this picture the weekend after I took all the previous ones, just before dad and I both left the last time. Kind of sums everything up doesn't it...

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