Sunday, May 16, 2010

I can't believe I gave this cat back and kept Bentley instead

Once upon a time I went to my sister's house and came home with two kittens. After a few months it was decided (not by me, but probably for the better) that 3 cats was two much. So another trip was made back to Idaho to bring one of the kittens back. Lou, my first cat, seemed to hate Bentley less than GingerBelle so I kept Bentley and gave back Ginger. If you've been to my house, especially with kids, you've heard me say, "Watch out he bites, especially kids." or "Watch out he'll smack your kid with his claws out..." the list goes on. My niece Samantha rarely sees me without reminding me of the time, "Bentley slapped me on my face." I liked Ginger better at first so whenever I'm in Idaho I love visiting with her and even though I love Bentley more than anything and would never trade him now, sometimes when I see this I wish he'd been the one I gave back instead.

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