Monday, May 24, 2010

Me and my doppelganger

My doppelganger came to visit me in between our birthdays which are about a month apart. She left her 4 kids with her husband in California and we went back in time to pretend we were young, immature, and could eat ice cream 4 times a day. I'm not sure the immature part was pretending but here's a few of the things we did. Hiking in City Creek Canyon and Emigration Peak. (the real one, not the one by the zoo. It's a steep little hill for sure. If I was a trail runner I'd consider making this a quick spot to stop by after work...but then, I don't run so forget that idea)
Take a good look because it's not too often you see a picture of both of us smiling normal. (It would have been a better picture if it wasn't for the "chicken") It was good we went hiking that first day since it rained the rest of the time and once we even woke up to this unpleasant surprise. Snow at the end of May, that's absurd.
We ate out a lot including the usual bakeries and some good barbecue with Nate and Carrie, but once in awhile we had a nice meal at home. Few things are better for breakfast than a pile of fresh crepes. Anthorpologie sent me a birthday discount card and tempted me into their store to buy a new apron. Now I won't be so jealous of Alicia's when we cook together although I do think her's is still a bit cuter than mine. Once we ate out fancy, and yes, I went to the Tin Angel again. This time I didn't get the most expensive piece of meat on the menu, but instead ordered an appetizer and a tapas item. Both were amazing. Is anyone interested in going with me a third time? Wild Mushroom Risotto Cake with Romesco Sauce...
Somewhere in there we went to see Candi's new baby Roxanne. She is cute!
The last day we cruised around downtown visiting random places like the Church History Museum, and the City Library where we rode the glass elevator to the top...but there wasn't any chocolate. We had just a little more time to kill so I took her to see Gilgal, the super weird garden that makes no sense. I didn't take the usual pictures of stuff so if you want to see how odd it is, go check it out for yourself. (my favorite is the guy with brick pants) Sounds like a pretty normal visit wouldn't you say? Till you realise that a good majority of the time everyday was spent taking picture of ourselves making funny faces. Seriously, how old are we? Anyways, here are some of my favorites (as in here are some that aren't totally embarrassing)
This is one of my favorite faces to make, but the only people to really appreciate it are Steysi and Duc. Steysi kind of looks like a bulldog when she does it. It also doubles a a zombie face. This is a strange phenomenon that began somewhere in high school. We'd take a picture and afterwards we'd realize we didn't know how we just made the face in the picture. For example, how did I do that to my chin? I'm still not quite sure. Those pictures were all daytime pictures. As it got later everyday they got weirder. Most of them should not be seen in public because they look something like this...

Ok all done. Time to be normal again.

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Suzie said...

Seeing the two of you brings back many memories of girls' camp and stake activities. I haven't seen or been in contact with Steysi in FOREVER. Glad you girlies had such a great time!