Saturday, May 8, 2010

I walked for The Cure (…to breast cancer not the band)

I'm trying to think of the right word to use to describe a large crowd of people… mob, horde, drove, mass, legion, throng, swarm, multitude, host…none of these seem to really convey how many people there were today at the Race For The Cure walk. Maybe if I could use all of these words together simultaneously it would work. As in there was a legion of mobs and a multitude of swarms and a mass of crowds. All for a good cause though and it's nice to see a community united for something positive. I just had no idea how big our community is. The first picture if looking forward at the crowd and the one below is looking behind me. It's like a river of pink. It took us a good 10 minutes after it started to even cross the starting line and we were in the front half of the crowd. That pink balloon arch is the starting line. It was fun and I'm glad I did it. We had a lot of Myriad people turn out, it didn't hurt that the company paid our registration fee. I ended up walking with Heathyr and Casey the whole way. I knew lots of other people walking but didn't run into any of them. I guess I'm lucky because when I was there I was trying to think of who I know that's had breast cancer. I know there has to be more but the only ones I could think of were my French teacher's mother, who I never actually knew but my teacher missed a couple weeks of school when she died, and Susan Walton. How is it that I can link almost every story of mine back to the Waltons? They're like the Kevin Bacons of my life.


Liz said...

yay for you for doing this.
My mom had breast cancer
(and Tori's girl scout leader, but you wouldn't know her-we're doing the "in the pink" badge)

TheMom said...

I was going to post about Ann but Liz got here first - also Sister Hegstom and Sister Utschig and others if I think harder. I guess we all should have walked. Maybe next year.

I guess you could walk for people you know of that may or probably will get Breast Cancer - not a good thought.

KATIE said...

I think that was the point of everyone at my work being in the walk...the people who will be getting cancer, or hopefully not getting cancer because of us... though they're really just numbers to me. Sad but true and I think it's better that way.