Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My E1 Birthday in Idaho

The weekend before my birthday I went up to Idaho to hang out with my sister and her family. It's always fun to see the kids and the animals and they always seem to come up with something new to do while I'm there. There's also the usual stuff like huckleberry breakfasts and waffles and crepes for dinner and spending an entire day eating snow cones, cookies, and scones...but I'll leave all that food stuff out this time.
First: the Animals!
These pictures aren't even half of it. Chickens, pheasants, chuckers, ducks, a goose that doesn't really like me much and a turkey who's too fat to care if he likes you or not. Jailynn tried to send me home with a new pet as a birthday present but I managed to leave without a chicken, a rabbit, or GingerBelle the cat. (Although it'd have been tempting to take Ginger back home with me again...I resisted.)Chicken feet are surprisingly big and creepy.
This is one of the rabbits, Clover who we took inside for a few days. I feel asleep on the couch holding it and when I woke up it was still there. It reminded of me of when I'd fall asleep holding my rabbit when I was a kid. Then later I noticed there were these pictures of me with it on my camera. These are two of Kjirsten's goats.
These are maybe half of the cats. Katrina doused them all in catnip and they all just rolled around on the deck together for awhile. It was pretty funny. There's also chinchillas, a dog, a pet mouse and some other random things...
Next: the Fun Stuff!
We went out to the Sand dunes and had a picnic by the water before playing on the dunes.
I'd heard a lot about the sand dunes but never been to them. It was weird being there without a beach nearby. They just went on forever. And Jailynn had us walk around forever too looking for a dune steep enough to jump off. She never found one so we had to settle for only kind of steep dunes. It was still fun.
I don't remember posing for this picture, I don't know what we were doing with our arms out...
I got some cool pictures of Harrison. I especially like this series of him falling.
The clouds were perfect and made all the pictures look awesome.
Josh stayed and played in the shade of a lone Juniper tree and even got to jump in the sand a few times before we left.Even in the sand dunes, they managed to find some animals...Beetle tracks!
Last: A birthday party!
The best part of this picture is Josh going down the slide in the background!
The day before my birthday we had a picnic in the backyard then played some Bocce ball. Harrison and I made it funner by throwing the white ball into random places like garden, a ditch, or into the trees. Then we roasted gigantic marshmallows and ate my E1 cake. Before she started putting the Whoppers on Katrina asked me to remind her which way a 3 goes so I showed her. I didn't notice till after I was done that I showed her the wrong way. Jailynn even fixed the candles to match. I wonder if my birthday wish will come true backwards.

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