Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

May Day! I used to fill those green strawberry baskets up with flowers and weave ribbon around the edges then leave them on my neighbors porch. On May Day here in Utah it was a little snowy still. It cleared by the afternoon but it was still pretty lame. I spent the first half of the day inside. Then, because I'm kind of dorky I just had to go to one of the many 10 years of geocaching anniversary events. I went. I signed the board. I was in the group picture and I left. The one I attended was at Smashburger downtown and as soon as I left I wanted to go back for a burger. That was an easy fix. I stopped by Nate and Carrie's on my way home to see if they wanted to go try Smashburger. I've rarely known them to not be in the mood for burgers so as soon as Simon woke up from his nap we went. I liked mine ok but the fries were the best part. They put rosemary and olive oil on them …oh and they have malts! Afterwards I spent the evening playing in the backyard with Simon. He is so much fun. He couldn't hold this smile for very long...I put him in the Apple tree but he wasn't too impressed...I climbed the plum tree and he told me, "Watch out you're gonna bonk your head!"This is my favorite. It shows off his hair.

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Stacie said...

The Burgers sound good but I have to say I think Simon has wilder hair that Xavie and Quinn!