Monday, November 1, 2010

At the cabin in the fall (or Katie and Kjirsten go hiking)

I never got around to loading up any pictures from all the weekends I spent up at the cabin with my family in the fall. No, this isn't the cabin. But it's for sale down the canyon aways and I wouldn't mind selling my house and moving into this one. Honestly I really don't think I'd mind so much. There's a woodburning stove, a loft, and it's right on the creek. Driving to and from work would be the worst part...but on to pictures from the Rockwood cabin visit. Here's my parents and some grandkids. Looking through my pictures I realize that except for a few leaf photos, almost all my pictures are from the 3 hikes Kjirsten and I went on together. So, here are our 3 hikes
#1- Between conference sessions I told Kjirsten we were going hiking so have her shoes on and be ready as soon as the morning session was over. They said Amen and we were out the door saying we'd be back in 2 hours. I had high hopes of running up to Twin Lakes and maybe getting to the top of Millicent. We made good time but once we got to Twin Lakes we changed our plans to follow the connecting trail to Lake Mary for a big loop. I got distracted by rock cliffs along the way imagining developing them as climbing routes. Other than that, the weather was perfect and even hiking uphill fast we didn't break a sweat. We wandered around Lake Mary taking a few pictures and climbing on the exposed boulders before heading back. I underestimated our time. I knew if we were late getting back I'd be tagged as being a bad influence Aunt making us miss conference instead of a fun hiking Aunt (plus I actually didn't want to miss conference) so we had to hurry...hurry as in run. I hate running. No more stopping to take pictures either, though I did get a few as we were going. We ran all the way from the trail head to Silver Lake and then all the way to the cabin. We walked in the door at the end of the opening song for the afternoon session. I couldn't believe we'd made it. So much for not breaking a sweat. #2- I can't remember where everyone else was, but the cabin was sort of empty so Kjirsten and I decided to go hiking again, this time just a quick one over to Lake Solitude. We were heading for the trail when Katrina ran up behind us and wanted to come. I told her the rule of no whining and she agreed so the three of us were off to Lake Solitude...and once we were there we thought we may as well walk over to the mine...and then around the lake...and then how about we follow the old road up for about a little further...hey I think we're almost to Twin Lakes! A short hike turned long...and no whining, not even from me! This mine only goes in a little ways. I didn't realize when I told them if they went inside and I'd follow them, how much harder it is for someone my size to go in that hole. They made it look so easy.
After we left Lake Solitude we followed the old road up and over Evergreen (?) We kept saying we'd just go a little further and then turn around...then a little further...till I started to recognize things again and said I thought we were above Twin Lakes...sure enough we were! I'd never made that loop before but it won't be the last time I do it. The light was extra sparkly on the lake. The pictures doesn't really do it justice.We considered following the trail Kjirsten and I had taken before to Lake Mary and see all three of the lakes in one loop but it was cold and we'd only planned one one lake and we'd already seen two. Plus who knew what the weather would do and we were already seeing patches of snow on the trail, so we headed back. You wouldn't believe the coaxing it took to get Kjirsten to go down and sit with Katrina at the edge... it was easier to get her inside a dark abandoned mine.
#3- Just as my sister's family was packing up to go, someone mentioned how Jailynn hadn't gone on any hikes except a walk or two around Silver Lake since she was always with Josh, so Kjirsten and I laced up our shoes one more time and went up to the overlook again with Jailynn before they left. We had Kjirsten take this pictures of us at the overlook. For some reason it's rare to get a picture of just my sister and me, usually we're the two people taking all the pictures. I had it as my background on my work computer for awhile and I noticed people hesitate and stare at it as they passed by and I didn't know why till someone said, "Hey, there's two of you in that picture!"
Besides hiking with Kjirsten, there were the usual cabin luxuries. Sleeping out on the porch, reading, playing with the all the nieces and nephews, and tending the fire. Josh and Simon started getting trained early on helping with the fire, while Kris split wood they brought it inside to the woodboxes.
And that's the end of another season at the cabin. Now it's already covered in snow. (This is the picture we set as the wallpaper for my mom's new phone...that's what she get's for needing help putting numbers in her phonebook.)

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