Thursday, November 25, 2010


It seems that Thanksgiving is good no matter what. Now that I think of it I have a lot of really funny memories surrounding Thanksgiving dinners including me throwing a golf club, and another of watching my dad hose down a flaming turkey on the grill with the garden hose. This year wasn't that eventful but it wasn't perfect either, Jailynn's family got stuck in snowy Idaho and I think only 1 of my 3 pies was really edible, but that was it. We had it at Andy's new house and he smoked some really good turkeys, mom sent chocolates to eat with our dinner, and Sarah made some awesome place cards for those of us that could make it. All that really mattered was that we had that grapejuice-7up drink. As soon as I tasted it, it was Thanksgiving to me. (and there was a puzzle, can't be Thanksgiving without a puzzle)

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